Local Businesses Join the Effort

Check out this update from Aaron James, which he posted over on our GoFundMe page! We are incredibly grateful to the Cooper Young Community Association, the Cooper Young Business Association, and the many wonderful businesses that have operated in Cooper Young for years! Continue reading


Great Meeting with the MPD

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, several members of the CYNW gathered to meet with Police Director Michael Rallings and his team at the Cooper Young Community Association. Director Rallings was curious about how things were going with the camera program, so we gave a short demonstration and a neighborhood tour. Director Rallings was very impressed! His exact words were, “This could be a game changer for the city.” Continue reading

Grand Award Ceremony

On Friday, April 29, 2016, the City of Memphis held its award ceremony to distribute funds to the 2016 Cycle I Neighborhood Crime Prevention Grant awardees. The ceremony took place at the Hall of Mayors in City Hall. All six of the CYNW Zone Coordinators attended to accept awards on behalf of their zones. We all enjoyed remarks from Mayor Strickland and Director Michael Rallings of the Memphis Police Department, both of whom expressed their sincere gratitude for the award recipients’ proactive stances on deterring crime in Memphis. Continue reading

CYNW Awarded City Grants

The Cooper Young Neighborhood Watch is ecstatic to announce that each Zone has been awarded a crime prevention grant from the City of Memphis!  We have lots of plans for the grant funds, but our primary goal is to identify willing homeowners who would allow us to install private cameras on the exteriors of their homes to help monitor problematic entry points, alleys, and other areas that have seen higher frequencies of theft. Grant recipients will be officially recognized at an award ceremony scheduled for Friday, April 1, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. at City Hall. Continue reading

CYNW: Building Momentum!

The effort to revamp the Cooper-Young Neighborhood Watch program continues to build momentum!  A total of 55 concerned neighbors and guests packed the community room at Memphis Made Brewing on Wednesday, February 3rd, with the main topic of the evening being “CYNW needs you!”  Attendees were provided a list of over a dozen ways to get involved and asked to indicate their particular area(s) of interest and how many hours per month they could commit.  The response was overwhelming, with 37 of the 55 neighbors present offering an average of 4-6 hours per month towards making their neighborhood a safer place to live.  Each hour of volunteer service is worth $23 in required matching in-kind services, applied towards the $30,000 in grant funds that CYNW is in the process of applying for 2016. Continue reading

Protect Yourself

by Jason G. Whitworth, Esq.

Nobody wants to think about crime – until you become a victim. Then it becomes hard to shake off that feeling of being violated. That is why we should all be thankful that Aaron James and other concerned neighbors have taken up this crusade to crank back up a renewed Cooper-Young Neighborhood Watch program. For every crime that can be prevented, there will be one less family who will experience that sense of vulnerability inside their own home. Continue reading