CYNW Camera Program

The CYNW security camera program has been all the buzz! Thanks to a series of grants from the City of Memphis, we have been able to secure funding for camera installations in each of the six zones. Each camera is hosted by a neighborhood volunteer and mounted on the exterior of the resident’s home. They are oriented towards public spaces — intersections, alleyways, and points of ingress and egress along the perimeter of the neighborhood. The cameras are not monitored in real time, not accessible to the hosting homeowners, and not focused on any private residences. Instead, they are only accessed with a two-person security protocol at the request of police or crime victims for use in an active criminal investigation.

And speaking of law enforcement, we are very proud to have the full support of the Memphis Police Department. We have had the pleasure of ongoing, productive dialogue with Police Director Rallings, Crump Station Precinct Commander Houston, and their respective leadership teams. We are excited about building a mutually beneficial partnership with those who have sworn to protect and serve our neighborhood. However, the CYNW Security Program will always be a grassroots project spearheaded by private citizens.

With the Cooper Young Business Association, the Cooper Young Community Association, and several local businesses also pitching in, the program is really picking up steam. We’ve also been contacted by neighborhood watch groups from other Memphis neighborhoods who are interested in emulating our efforts. We’re making Memphis a safer place, one block at a time!

For more details on the camera program, please take a look at this article in the Lamp Lighter written by Zone 1 Coordinator, Aaron James. Also, listed below are a few news articles related to the camera program.

Would you like to serve as a volunteer host and allow us to mount a small camera to your home? Do you have additional questions about the program? We’d love to talk to you! Please send us an email, and one of our Zone Coordinators will get back to you ASAP!